L/O Spam Mushroom Pasta Dish!!
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O.K., stay with me here – but, only if you like Spam!! This is one of the best leftover dishes I’ve ever made or tasted (and I’m darn old!) We need a few dishes made ahead of time for the leftovers, but nothing that is out of the ordinary.

First of all, I had leftover mushroom pasta, Black Pepper Spam left from making a spam pizza, jus from ribs braised in Pepsi.

I sautéed cubed spam pieces (about 1/3 can) and threw into the bowl with the l/o mushroom pasta (about 3 cups). It looked a little dry, so added 1/2 cup jus and put this over a bain marie to heat. Topped with peas and corn and enjoyed the heck out of it. And, Gewurztraminer is a winner with this dish. The Spam really needs to be the black pepper flavored – it is just wonderful!
[Image: Sept%2026%20Spam%20Pasta%20with%20mushro...x9iwom.jpg]
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Okay, I like spam, but I don't know what you mean by black pepper spam?

It sounds like a curious miss mash of ingredients, but it sure does look good!
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