Ground beef/pork fat experiment
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For years I have made my chili with a combination of 2/3 chili ground beef and 1/3 chili ground pork. The meat was about 15% fat. Lately I have been using brisket for the beef in both my chili and my hamburgers.. Soon in hamburgers and meatloaf I've been toying with the idea of grinding the brisket lean and adding 15% pork fat or even pork belly (no skin) for flavor and moisture. I have little experience with this and even less with pork belly. I just love to play around. For those of you who believe "pork fat rules", what are your thoughts?
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Since my mixture is usually brisket and chuck for ground beef, I've not done much with adding pork/pork fat to the mix. Altho, when I want a little more flavor I will grab some pork and grind it up and add. Since I have pork belly on a pedestal, I'd probably hesitate to add it, but I'll bet it would be good.

Not much help from here, I'm afraid, but would love to hear what you end up doing. Plus, my brain might be working a little better in a few days.
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Sorry, I won't be any help here, but would love to hear what you decided to do and if you were happy with the results.

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Lol now I use london broils because when they go on sale they are very cheap and I do add a bit of pork butt to bring the fat content up. I prefer the pork fat over beef fat, especially when making burgers.

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