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Happy Holiday to all. Is that polically correct? Today I roasted a turkey on a rack in a roasting pan. In the bottom of the pan I threw in a couple handfuls of small carrots, two sliced onions, and two cups of water. I cooked the turkey and my loving spousal unit reminds me not to forget the gravy. Opps. Since we ate artichokes and stuffed clams, I wasn't feeling all that energetic. So I simply removed the boird from the rack and then emptied the contents of the pan into the blender and liquified it. It was delicious! Nobody can guess what was in it. My wife thinks I made a roux (sp?) and then added to it. My daughter said it looked a little orangry & said she knows I didn't use pumpkin. They looking my pile of cook books and 'know' I got it from one of those.... Should I tell them?

Now my daughter is looking over my shoulder & saying, "Yes I should tell them..."

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Tell the whole world BackH. I will be betting that would have been a superior product. And the turkey would have had a feed of flavour while it was cooking. Very very good. Gravy is something I really love. My IHC brother calls it meat juice. Of course, there are a thousand variations, as you have shown us, but [any] roast, with veg and gravy must be the worlds favourite. Just think, storming outside, and Dad brings roast beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Brussel Sprouts, roasted potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, carrot, parsnips, and maybe a few peas to the table. Now dear souls, how good can life get. oooooooH golly, I forgot that extrordinary stuffing (dressing) gently doming in the oven. Need more gravy. Swoon. Desert not wanted or needed, bed and soft blanket needed. Have dessert for supper.
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Very interesting! Did you drain the fat first, or allow the veggie puree to absorb it? Did you thicken it with flour or cornstarch or did you add any extra spices? I don't like gravy much, but the family does so I try to make it tasty.
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I'm guessing pureeing his jus would give the 'gravy' a nice consistency w/out any thickeners.

You can tell your family you just whipped up a 'jus de viande', which means juices from the meat - now won't they really be impressed!!
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WELL--you just told the world--IMHO!!!!!

Very innovative take on a gravy--I usually roast my turkey with those veggies below and then use the done product for a puree base for some of my soups---wonderful sweet flavors!!! But I must admit that I do drain off the fat---makes my guilt complex a little less--then I can have that dessert that's calling my name!!!!

Happy Holiday covers everybody, backhertz---who cares about the pc issue---friends are friends!!! It's a lot of silliness to me-

I have always been one to say KISS----keep it simple stupid---no disrespect to anyone sensitive out there
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...or stupid ??? (sorry couldn't pass it up )
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hahahahahaha, ok, everybody. I am stupidly sensitive. A drooping little flower, a shrinking violet.

Te Waikerimoana, a child of the mist. A mere reflection in the lake of life, my fading welcome cry a soft echo across sleeping waters, Haere Mai Haere Mai Haere Mai. The wind a gentle moan, carrying my grandmothers face to me. She smiles and fades so quietly. Holding the secrets of whanau close to her breast. Disappearing, leaving just the imprint of her spirit vaporising, the swirls of colour lost in the slowing breeze. And the even dripping from the sheltering ponga, mocks me with her departing footsteps. Haere Ra Haere Ra Haere Ra. She is gone.

On the otherhand there is them as consider me rather more robust that that. ;Þ Now where were we. Gravy. Love it. I too would think the thickening would be taken care of by the veg. I may pour off some of the fat, but think in general we don't eat enough. We must have it for the fat soluable vits. not to mention flavour. Those 99% fat free nonsenses just replace with sugar, and IMHO that is much worse. It can upset the colon too, doesn't give the colon a fair go. I generally make my gravy in the pan, with the scrappings, some fat, what water i need from the veggies. Then a slush of cornflour. I don't sieve it, I like the little bits of stuck veggies.
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Shrinking violet my...uh, uh, patootie Vannin!Smile

If I make a turkey, I have to stuff the bird AND have dressing all around it (a lot of dressing). If I don't, boy do I hear about it. You know that dressing that kinda gets really brown around the edge of the pan? Well, they fight over it. I did the veggie thing ONE time and now the family checks to insure there's all that dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce...the whole shebang. I do this 5 or more times a year. Oh well, they can't say anything if their mouths are full now can they?
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I have really liked the idea of making stuffing in a ball Billy, like largish meatballs, but I haven't done it yet. Have you? But there is just 'something' about a lovely warm stuffing steaming from the belly of the beast. I think doing both is best. There is never too much stuffing, and it yummy served next day, with L/O turkey or chook. Recipe:-

Stuffing, broken into smaller bits.
Turkey or chook, what ever u have. cubed, torn, whatever.
veg. flavoured white sauce. made with poultry stock. Sort of. Use L/O veg. if you have any for, the stock.
Fresh bread crumbs with parsely and chives.

Combine chook and stuffing lightly, and evenly. Just so they are hanging around in the lasan. dish.
Pour over sauce.
Sprinkle bread crumbs and herbs. Dot with butter.

Stick it in the oven until browned. Sounds horrible but it is really nice.
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I've tried making stuffing into balls a couple of times now and I really like them - but of course I'm the one who takes my portion of things out of the corners of the dish to get all the crispy too!! So, love the texture.
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