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I don't know if many of you use RecipeFox to download your recipes to MC or LC, but if you do, don't upgrade to Firefox 44. It will not allow RF to work. The nice folks at RF are working on an alternative solution, but in the meantime stay with Firefox 43+ if you want to use RecipeFox. If you need more info here's the link to the RF forum.
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Thanks, Alina. I recall using RF some years back when you first recommended it, but then had some kind of problem so stopped. Going to check it out again!

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I was able to install FireFox 43 and after playing around with Java was able to install and use Recipe Fox.

Recipe Fox is a very useful tool for internet recipe capture with direct importation to Living Cookbook and Master Chef.

I was even able to open the Cuisine at Home Back Issues CD in FireFox and capture recipes from the PDFs. It takes a couple steps, but its a heck a lot easier than copying and pasting the PDF into MS Word and then formatting before capturing with Living Cookbook.

On a side note.... I really like Living Cookbook (purchased a while back based on Cubangirl's recommendations). While it doesn't have an APP, I export my recipes into The Recipe Manager desktop version(appears to be no longer supported) and then synch my recipes with their iPhone/iPad app. Its a possible work around for those people who want to have their recipe database on their Apple devices.

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