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Every few weeks I pull up this website just to see what's going on. Up until now, for many reasons, I haven't really had the time to participate. Tonight, though, the kittens and puppy are asleep, DH is watching tv, and I have nothing planned for the weekend that I have to prepare for. What? Free time?!? Yay!

It has been several months since I've been here for more than a couple of minutes. We sold the farm, moved to Delaware, and last you all heard from me we had a new kitten. It has been a busy time since then.

Mostly, I've been a little embarassed to return. I just didn't transition to our new area very well, and after a rough few months I was actually considering another move. I had a weird life at the farm, rather solitary and doing my own thing, I really had no idea how to make friends and I felt very intimidated.

I won't go into the details, but it has only been in the last 6 weeks or so that I've found my niche. And it has been wonderful! One friend (met when I offered her an extra sage plant), a party invitation, meeting more people with similar interests, more parties, more friends... I often find myself wondering if I'm dreaming. I have friends now who like to cook, who enjoy entertaining, I've joined them playing pickleball once or twice a week, we have birthday lunches, game nights, and last week I went to my first movie since 1994 (it was always too much of a hassle when we lived at the farm, and I'd fall asleep in the theatre, anyway!).

We participated in an awesome progressive dinner in January, 30 people in all, and it was incredible (both the food and the new friends).

Our kitten, Shadow, has now been joined by a younger kitten, Onyx, who was rescued from NC. We also have a new puppy, almost 12 weeks old, a black lab-chow mix we named Bear (rescued from AL). Everyone is adjusing well.

I hope to be able to come here more often. I have to raise the bar on my entertaining, because there are some really good cooks in our development. REALLY good. I've made baked items, which now have become what everyone requests when I ask "what can I bring?", but in April we will have our dining room set up and I will have to start to repay dinner invitations. I will need your help!

And before I forget, there was a nasty storm at the beginning of the month and both Jean and Maryann emailed me to ask how we fared. I was so touched, and I so appreciate your thinking of me even though I've been AWOL for so long! BTW, we were fine here. It rained, then snowed, then rained, then the coast and the canal flooded (worse than when Sandy came through), but we only had some nasty high winds and yard cleanup afterward. Better than 5 minutes' away where there were feet of water in the street that were filled with chunks of ice...

Now I'm going to figure out how to post photos of the new family members... nice to be back.

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Good to hear from you.
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Vicci, it's great that you finally found your niche at your new home! I'm sure this has been a difficult transition for you. I'm glad it's finally coming together for you! We hope to see more dinner party ideas from you soon! And don't forget to share all those new recipes you are getting from your new friends!

And looking forward to seeing pictures of the new "family"!
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Vicci, that's awesome that you have settled in your new neighborhood already. Good for you! There is always an adjustment when moving and that was a pretty drastic change for you. So glad it has all worked out.

Glad you are back on the forum and yes, we want to see your new fur babies. And, of course, we will want to hear about all the great food you are making, too.

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Great to hear from you, Vicci!! Glad to hear you fared the storm without incident and you've settled in well.

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So glad to hear from you & how you are doing!

I can relate to the problem of moving to a new area. We were going to resettle across the state after we sold the house and our year long trip on the road. But then we got to thinking of how hard it is to settle in - much easier when you are young and especially when you have kids to get you involved in activities.

So, we came back to Port Angeles - friends here, Drs, etc. A very good choice for us.
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Hi Vicci! I totally feel you. When we moved to Oregon we did not know one person here, other than our realtor. It took us a year to settle in, make new friends.

Very happy to hear that is happening for you! It will just get smoother from here
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It's nice to be back, and to hear that I've not been the only one to have a tough adjustment with moving to a new area. I thought that it would be easy-- HA!! But I love living here now, and the cooking skills of my neighbors is going to be the "kick" I need to get out of my comfort zone. Oh, I will need your help, guys!

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And a HUGE welcome back

Soooo---this is what we have to look forward to when (if) we ever sell our home and relocate to the States I suppose it beats the alternative---staying here. Another adventure at this stage in our lives is foreboding.....BUT BUT BUT>>>>>
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BUT, BUT, BUT..... so worth it! Get your butts back here soon!

Vicci, it won't be long before you're teaching all your new friends a thing or two about cooking!
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