Nothing ever lasts!
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Our chest freezer gave up the ghost Thursday. Fortunately, it didn't have a huge amount of meat or anything pricey in it and we were able to transfer much of its contents to the fridge's freezer or to the fridge, itself.

My mom had recently made a big batch of her spaghetti sauce and frozen it in several small containers and there was also some Italian sausage in the freezer, so she made a big, emergency lasagne as one way to start using up what had been in the freezer. Of course, we can't freeze the assembled lasagne so, after having some spareribs (also from the freezer) Thursday night, we had lasagne Friday and yesterday, and shall continue having that for the next few dinners.

Nothing ever lasts: that freezer was only 40 years old!
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First the fridge, now the freezer - that is known as planned obsolescence in appliances! aka Murphy's Law.

Keep an eye on the washer & dryer.
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Well, I can certainly relate. Lost my microwave/oven unit months ago. Still haven't replaced them. Lost half of my cooktop over a year ago. Still not replaced. But when the freezing unit went on the leaking fridge a few weeks ago, we had to bite the bullet and replaced it.
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Our worst luck is with dishwashers. We have been in this house for 12 years and this is the 4th one we've had, including the one that came with the house.

And we use it averagely - one load a day. Perplexing.
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I'd say your Mom got her moneys worth, 40 years!? Wow.
I recently had to replace our less than 10 year old fridge, I did NOT get my moneys worth.

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