Thursday's Dinner, 12/10/15??
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Good Morning all!! What's on the menu for everyone today??

I brined the turkey breast last night, so will roast today, but I don't know what side I'll manage. But, I'm sure looking forward to leftover ham/turkey sandwiches

Lordie, things should be looking up for my body now. Dr. gave me "Azithromycin" whatever the heck that is, but it's supposed to do the job.... I am so far behind on Christmas I can't believe it!

Now, can we get back to normal and get some conversations going besides the dinner thread??????????
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Wow, it sounds like the doc brought out the big guns, Jean. Hope you start feeling better quickly. Just keep your holiday prep simple this year and only do what is absolutely necessary. Shop online or use gift cards. You know, that would actually make a good thread....ways to simplify your holiday season.

Dinner tonight will be the basque chicken recipe that Karyn posted recently. Will probably just serve it with rice unless I go to the store today. Then I might pick up a fancy pilaf mix. Can't wait!

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Lamb pita's tonight with Tzatziki sauce
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Ina's perfect chicken, blue cheese souffle and a green salad side.

NICE to see you back and chirpy, Jean!!!
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Wasn't really planning on anything other than a grilled cheese sandwich since I thought Tony would not be home but now he's coming home. He's going to pick up sandwiches from Which Wich. Love their stuff - they toast the rolls.
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I ended up making French dips last night, so today will be the cheese stuffed pork tenderloin.
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We wound up catching up with neighbors in the cul-de-sac last night, so we had bbq beef quesadillas. We did the salad tonight, and it was delicious!!
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I've got a sick one here, too. Ashley has been staying with her boyfriend for the past few days, but she came home tonight. So I pulled out my Thanksgiving soup and Thanksgiving broth out of the freezer and added egg noodles. My sick one was grateful. It was the best Thanksgiving soup we've had yet. YUM!
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