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Okay, I've looked through most of this collection and I love soup, so I am making this tonight hoping my kids will eat it (dh is out of town).

The recipe calls for 2 cups tomatoes, seeded and diced. I'm using canned diced as I can only get decent fresh tomatoes late summer, mainly from my own garden. I'm fairly new to they have a bias against canned tomatoes? Because in my opinion, canned would be actually better than fresh in this recipe.

I'll post about it later.

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Hi Laura,
I prefer canned, diced, too(plus they're already seeded and skinned!). Good ripe tomatoes are impossible to come by here. It probbly doesn't matter for soup, but in other recipes that call for fresh diced, I just drain them well and save the liquid for somethingelse and so far it has worked well for me. I suppose, though, there are some recipes where only fresh will do.
BTW Welcome to the forum
ps May I suggest a wonderful(quick and easy) Italian bread to go with that soup heehe
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I totally agree---I have always used canned diced tomatoes (with basil) for any recipe that requests fresh tomatoes. The results are always fantastic and frankly I prefer the canned--not only for the taste but for the ease of preparation--just open the can and drain excess fluid---how great is that???

Fresh tomatoes here are plentiful---but taste like sawdust!!! YUK!!!

Nice to see you on the board, Laura!!!
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Thanks for the welcomes!

Well I liked it even if the kids didn't seem too enthused. No one but me really loves soup. I'll pack some tomorrow for lunch for me and my assistant.

Changes: as mentioned, used a can of diced tomatoes. I drained the small amount of juice into the measuring cup I used for the broth.

- I found only hot Italian sausage at my grocery so I omitted the red pepper flakes. The soup is spicy (just right IMO) but would have been way too hot with more pepper.

It really was done in under 45 minutes. I would definitely make it again.

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I agree with you Laura, when tomatoes are not in season, I go with canned - forget the nothing flavored ones. I hope there is no prejudice on C@H re this - it just makes sense.
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