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Hello Everybody,

Yesterday I made stuffed flank steak and I stuffed it with spinach bleu cheese mixture that was in the cuisine at home with a picture of filet mignons on the cover. It was delicious if you like the bleu cheese flavor. It was a bit strong so next time I might use half of bleu cheese and maybe some muenster or cheddar or swiss. But overall it was delicious.

Question for you guys.

I just received my Volume one and Volume two of cuisine at home and they mention a Premiere Issue. Does anybody have it? If you do please post a recipe for Beef Wellington that is on the cover.

THank you
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I have the premiere issue and can post the Beef Wellington recipe for you. Are they not selling the Premiere issue anymore? Bummer!

Anyway, I'll post that recipe as soon as I can.

Oh, and thanks for the review on the Flank Steak. I'll defnitely use half the bleu cheese! I just need a little for flavor.
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Hi Marina,
Did the flank steak take long to prepare? On a scale of 1-10, ten being the hardest, how would you rate the difficulty of stuffing it? I'll have to go check it out in the mag.
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Tried anymore of Russian recipies?

OK..what i did with flank steak is I kind of combined to recipies. I used the same technique on flank steak as it was in one of the issues that had stuffed flank steaks in it (argentinian one and also spinach/youkon gold potatoes) but for the stuffing i used the spinach/bleu cheese as it was the stuffing for filet mignon. I think the hardest thing in all of it was to actually pound the flank steak thin enough to have a piece that you can actually roll. THe stuffing is super easy...basically fry bacon add garlic spinach and cheese. So I would rate it on the scale of 1-10 as a maybe a 3 and that's pushing it. Also a small tip..I found the BEST tool to flaten the meat...a regular Rubber Mallot you buy in any hardware store for a couple of dollars.

Try it...we really liked it.
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I have made both of those recipes and we LOVED them. The Argentinian stuffed flank roast was really great with the chimichurri sauce. It was not difficult at all to make this dish---just follow the recipe's directions and you will have an incredible success!! If you have any questions with the actual flank preparation there is an on-line video showing the prep--but I found the issue directions more than adequate. I will try the American style when I have the time---soooo many recipes you all are keeping me busy with!!! We do not have the flank cut here but the closest thing I came up with---called rump---was very moist, tender and tasty. I used the fontina cheese with baby plum tomatoes and very pleased with the results.

The beef wellington is to die for!!! I have served this for MANY dinner parties and the recipe is ALWAYS requested!!

OOPS___You were discussing a flank steak with bleu cheese stuffing---haven't done that one yet---I love bleu cheese--in moderation!

I was not aware of a premier issue----any info on that would be greatly appreciated!!! Is it a separate issue to be ordered--if so---I must!!!
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A few years ago when I got all my back issues, they sold them as a collection of separate issues...not bound or anything. The first year came with the bonus premiere issue, but I haven't seen it on the site in a while. I don't know if it's available or what. I can tell you what's in it, if you want, and if anything appeals to you, I can post/e-mail the recipes.

PS How difficult is that Beef Wellington? I've been wanting to try it for a long time!
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That premier issue, is that the free one they send you to entice you to buy a subscription? The one with the pizza dough and the chicken piccatta and the 3 mushroom ragu with papparadella??
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No, but how cool would THAT be!? This one has:
Fresh Apple Tart
Turkey Roulade w/ different stuffings
Roasted Root Vegetables
Corn Pudding
Chocolate Souffle
Mushroom Soup
Beef Wellington w/ a Turkey variation
Appetizers: Stuffed Hot Peppers, Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Rouille, Bruschetta, Brie with Edible Flowers, Scallops with Mango Salsa, Goat Cheese Tartlets

Funny thing though...mine has the tart on the cover, not the Wellington. Don't know why.
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The Wellington is very easy to make!!! Just follow the directions to the letter and it will be great!! The thing to think about is the time involved--tons of resting stages in between each step. I know you will have fun with this recipe--and the end result is incredible!!! Get a good pate--very important! Let us know what ya think---
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