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Just wondering---has anyone else noticed that the time stated for creating these masterpieces is much shorter than the actual time you spend preparing them?? I have to double the time at least. Am I disorganized, inefficient or a combination?? Maybe you experts can give me a few hints on how to be a little more efficient?

I'm NOT complaining or whining or anything ---I really do love to be in the kitchen---especially when the time produces something that we really enjoy.

Just wondering-------
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It always takes me longer too. Maybe they base their time estimates on how long it takes professional chefs to throw all that together. I know I can't chop as fast as they do without losing a few digits.
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Y'know I haven't actually considered the times they put on the dishes. I will have to pay better attention and let you know
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My first thot on this is - do you have your mise en place before starting?? Mise en place is one of the first things you learn in cooking professionally - it means everything in it's place.

Have all your ingredients out and lined up in order needed - if you don't have something, decide what you will sub beforehand and have it ready also.

Do whatever prepping steps you can ahead of time so everythig is ready for each step.

Know exactly what utensils/pots/dishes you will need for the dish you're making.

Lastly, try to visualize the cooking of the dish you are doing - everyone on here has cooked a lot, so you will have an idea from cooking something similar if the written times sound logical/doable for your cooking equipment.

No, this is lastly - crank up the stereo with your favorite cooking music, for me it's Andre Bocelli (at home) and at work it was Bob Marley or old CW!! And as we all do, just have fun!
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Yeah---GOOD ANSWER!!! I do all of those things---I have been cooking for a long time too---just seems it takes me longer than stated on the recipe---guess I'm just too slow and am a clean as you go type person---oh well---it's worth it though.

Off to make dessert for dinner #2!!!

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