Largest Group You Ever Cooked For
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Hi Everyone, cj's post about the hundreds of Spanakopitas gave me an idea. Has anyone else ever cooked for a large group. I cooked at a kid's camp for a few summers. I learned alot about prep, but delicate flavors and flourishes were out of the question in that situation. While this is probbly not a record of any kind, I once made cheese cake for 150. That's the largest group I ever cooked for by myself. As a team we cooked for more than that at the camp. Please all share your experiences
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OHHHH, Cynthia, I really cannot contribute to this one. I think the largest was a Christmas day lunch/dinner celebration with both sides of the family invited--I did ALL of the cooking--stupid me would not let anybody bring anything--how dumb is that---DUH!!! Never made that mistake again--but haven't tackled it again. It was fun BUT I will never forget the neverending washing of dishes and pots and pans UGH!!!--and it was at a time I was not very well organized at all!!! Sort of a newbie thinking it was easy--LOL!!! I think about 35 people were there at any given time throughout the day---has always been imprinted to NEVER do again!!!
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Several years ago my wife and I were "mystery chefs" at our country club. We prepared a four course dinner for 54 in two sittings--the board of directors served. The main course was seared and baked red snapper with a butter crab sauce. That was when we decided not to go into the resteraunt business.
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I can't really say much here either... I always do 4th of July (my birthday is the 5th) We have the pool party and I do the Pulled Pork with Root Beer BBQ Sauce! I usually provide all the food for that event. There's usually around 15-18 people. Not too big a deal!
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Yeah, I think mine was 30 tops at a Thanksgiving dinner years ago. And even then I didn't do ALL the cooking! 150 people to cook for??? Whoa, baby!

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