Tuesday's Dinner, 9/29/15??
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What's on the menu for today??

I'm finally doing my salmon and lemon couscous. (and, then looking forward to fish tacos... )
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We are making a combination of meatball and sliced italian sausage heroes. I am getting the rolls at a really great italian sandwich shop and because I feel weird just buying rolls (and not one of their sandwiches) I'm getting an antipasto salad to have on the side. Hope it's as good as our pizza place antipasto salad.
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Taco Tuesday here, either old school or fish.
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Not sure if we are going to be home. But, if we are, the plan is to grill pizza again, this time with ham and pineapple! It's been a while.

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I accomplished a big project yesterday since William went with Andrew to work again. Anyway, since I was exhausted and had an aching back, I cheated with a Stouffer's Lasagna.
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