Buffalo Salmon with Lemon Couscous
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I've been trying to figure out if my recipe for Buffalo Salmon is a C@H recipe so I did a search here - found when I posted about making it, but no source.

What I did find was the greatest postings from Laura -

Laura posted this May 1, 2013

I have been making my own Buttermilk lately. It's been working out great! When there is about a cup of buttermilk left in the quart, I fill it up with whole milk, leave it on the counter overnight. Then stick it in the fridge in the morning and I have a whole new container of fresh buttermilk for pancakes, muffins, marinades, salad dressing, whatever. I wonder if I can freeze this stuff? I will have to find out

Laura posted this May 2, 2013

Brittany is in labor right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for my granddaughter to join us!!! Everything is going like clockwork so far!!!!!!!!!!!!
I forgot all about her idea for making buttermilk - will have to try it and we've all been looking at her little granddaughter growing!!!
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Oh wow! What a cool flashback Jean! Thanks for bringing this up :-)

Harper is such a sweetheart, now Carter too, and who knows... maybe another one soon. They work fast!
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Oh Laura! You are so lucky they have moved close to you!
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