Tortilla Soup movie???`
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Guys, call me crazy! LOL I can't remember a movie by that name! Of course, I do live down here in Arkansas! We might not have got it yet!!! LOL Who played in it?
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Check out the following site for cast info. I don't think there are any actors I would've recognized by name. You have to watch it if only for the food!
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OMG, I'm in the midst of a lot of younguns!!! Hector Elizondo, Raquel Welch?? and a couple others - my generation I'm thinking.

I saw Hector Elizondo, years ago on some t.v. show make the most wonderful Anchovy pasta dish - and I wasn't even a fan of anchovies at that time.
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I'm with you cjs, I thought Rachel Welch was pretty famous. At least she was in our day, before you had to be stick skinny to be sexy LOL
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Hi guys---I'm dating myself here BUT____Hector was the hotel manager in Pretty Woman--he has also played other parts with Richard Gere as the lead!! He has such a nice gentle actor image---can't be for REAL!! Raquel looks GREAT!!! The men always drooled---she has aged well, though---dream on (that's me speaking!!!) The dishes (food) in this movie looked sooo great---he made them seem sooo simple to put together----dream on!!! (me again!!!)
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