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I asked this once before, but can someone please help me - the administrator obviously never checks these requests. How do you use the search engine. Specifically, how do you figure out the time frame on "older than" and "newer than" to try to go back into the archives to find something - I am having real trouble with this. Maybe this is why this forum is used so rarely. Thank you anyone who can help.
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Well, I finally got in touch with someone at Cuisine to let them know we were having trouble with the search function. Here's the response I got.

"Thanks for taking the time to let us know there was a problem. Currently the Cuisine Forum is not being monitored. We are in a growth phase and there is no staff person available to to this.

You called our attention to 2 very critical problems - which once we learned of - were quite easy to fix. We did carry out some software maintenance on the Cuisine forum last week, and this might have precipitated both problems by re-setting some software configuration settings to some VERY old or odd values.

The e-mail address for the Forum Moderator does now work. Any message sent to this e-mail address will be handled by one of our CSRs and forwarded to someone on the Cuisine at home staff - or to me if it is a technical question or issue.

We discovered that the search feature had been disabled for guest users with the software changes last week. The maximum search range time had also been limited to 60 days. The search feature is now turned on for guests and the maximum search range is set to the last 10 years. It all seems to be working now."

I tried it, and it works now! Yay! I put newer than 10 years and older than 1 day, and I got lots of results.

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