Need help with the Parmesan Baskets
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I have tried to make the parmesan baskets which are featured on the back page of the issue that has the chicken piccata pictured on the cover. There is no number on this issue, nor is there a month printed on the cover (which, in itself is very strange--but that's not my problem).

The instructions for the baskets say to use a non-stick 10-inch skillet, which I have, and when I try to remove the cheese after browning, they stick to the pan so badly, it is nearly impossible to remove. I tried three different pans, sprayed them with Pam, and still they were too difficult to remove. Any ideas or help you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Try letting the cheese cool a bit before removing. When it cools, it will crisp up and will remove itself. I make these all the time and never had a problem with sticking. I didn't see the recipe you refer to but when I remove the baskets I set them over the bottom of a bowl to shape the basket. Unfortunatley you can't do that if the cheese has cooled in the pan. Maybe a saucepan would do it, that way you can let the cheese cool and still have a tight, round shape.
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Thank you so much. You are very kind and I appreciate it. Now back to the kitchen!

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