Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14??
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Ooops - almost forgot...

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We brought a beautiful hoagie type long roll back from lunch out the other day and I stuck it in the freezer. So, we're splitting a loaded pulled pork sandwich with caramelized onions and broccoli slaw....and an old family favorite I remembered when I saw my last two bananas turning. Jello with banana slices!!

Well, where is everyone today - we've already had our mid-day main meal................

And, was it good - Pulled Pork Hoagie with caramelized onions and Swiss Cheese. What's not to love???

[Image: Dec3PulledPorkHoagie_zps45ff63b7.jpg]
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  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14?? by cjs (Ooops - almost forgo...)
Dang Jean That looks so good.

No surprise here, we're going out for dinner.
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So jealous!!!! I would have to insist everyone order something different and share!

Jean, that looks sooooo good! Drooling!

Tonight is the last of the leftovers....Turkey Pot Pie, a family favorite.
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Grilling steaks tonight. Turkey is officially done. That is until I take the carcass out of the freezer and make turkey soup for Laura and Joakim
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That looks delicious, Jean!

Blane, I'm with Daphne...there's so much I'd like t try on that menu that I'd want to share everything!

Tonight it's another stir-fry...this time orange chicken and broccoli.
  Re: Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14?? by karyn (That looks delicious...)
I would not know where to begin on that menu, Blane. It all sounds good.

We are having chicken lo mein tonight, if our stomachs aren't going too crazy. Sicknesses - go away!
  Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14?? by cjs (Ooops - almost forgo...)

When you make pulled pork and after you shred it, do you "sauce" it with anything or wait until you doing something with it? And what kind of sauce do you use?

I have some pulled pork in the freezer, but it's un-sauced. This sandwich would be fantastic for Hubby to make for himself when I'm not home for dinner. Like tonight.

And about half an hour ago I would have broken right through my laptop screen for that sammich!

That's one good-looking sammich!!

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That menu is amazing! Jean that sandwich looks so drooly good.

I am not sure yet. I am thinking tuna something. Not sure. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day in the kitchen. I had to get up at 3:30 to finish getting ready for my "procedure" . . . any I'm not sure what if anything sounds good. Bed sounds really good.
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  Re: Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14?? by BarbaraS (Okay.[br][br]When yo...)
That is one yummy looking sandwich!

Tonight we had the dish that Jean posted recently, Turkey Salad with Hoisin Dressing. I did use Napa cabbage, but used chicken in place of the turkey. The only other substitution was to add some chinese noodles on top. It was absolutely delicious.

One note: I put chicken thighs into the basket of my rotisserie oven with a good coating of seasoning on them. I cut up a few of those into chunks for the salad.

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  Re: Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 12/3/14?? by Mare749 (That is one yummy lo...)
Barbara, I make my pulled pork within a sauce, so I don't need to add anything when I take pkgs. out of the freezer later. I agree, this would be a perfect dinner for hubby to whip up for himself. (Especially if wifey had caramelized some onions and pkg'd them up too. I staple combinations like that together in freezer bags so everything is together and nothing get lost in the bottom of the freezer)

And, here's another idea for you, Barbara - mix up baked potatoes with pulled pork (add some cheese and you wouldn't even have to sauce un-sauced pork(?) ) these freeze very well.
[Image: Dec3PulledPorkTwiceBakedTato_zps3f000b5f.jpg]

AND, is this side anyone elses favorite?? Love my banana jello!!
[Image: Dec3BananaJello_zps60b8a6bd.jpg]

Sharon, when is the procedure?? Good luck

Maryann, I had a can of dried Chinese noodles in the pantry and couldn't remember what I was going to do with them, so I added a few of those to ours also. I love that salad. (but, now I have to figure out what to do with those noodles....chow mien or a repeat of the salad, I guess.)

Another day when everything looks and sounds so good.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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