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Ok I am search deficient on this site.

A while ago Labs posted a mystery box dinner. One of the ingredients chosen was Mexican chocolate. I remember I made a rub with it for a pork tenderloin.

I'm trying to find that post to see if I posted the recipe I came up with for the rub. I used the last bit tonight and we love it so much. I know I wrote it down, but alas I cannot find it.

Help Oh Great Search Guru's!
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Here you go, Denise

The rub does look good!

P.S. I also brought the thread to the top - Birthday Dinner
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THANK YOU!! Man I was so sad last night when I used the last of the rub. It is just amazing on a grilled pork tenderloin

Ok I have made SURE it's put into my recipe app. Now to back up my recipe app

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