Sharing 7 ideas for leftover leek leaves
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From the blog of Robin Shreeves on the Mother Nature Network:

The summer vegetables have all but disappeared from the farmers market here in South Jersey, but the fall vegetables are plentiful. Saturday morning, I set off for the farmers market with two items at the top of my list - leeks and mushrooms. On the menu Saturday night was Savory Mushroom and Gruyere Bread Pudding from the Pass the Sushi blog. The bread pudding was really good; I recommend giving it a try.

The recipe called for just the whites and light green portions of leeks, and I found myself with handfuls of leek leaves left over. I set out to find out how to use the leaves and found they can be used in a variety of delicious ways.

Julienne (long thin strips) and deep-fry them in a tempura like batter. Crumble them and use them as a topping on soups and salads, like bacon bits. (via Thrifty Fun)

Freeze them to add when you’re making soup stock.

Enclose herbs in a green leek blade and tie into a packet for a bouquet garni. (via Vegetable Gardener)

Add them to a stir-fry. The tough green leaves can withstand the high heat of this method, but must be stirred constantly and cooked briefly. (via Vegetable a Month)

Use them as a "rack" under roasted meat or chicken. It adds a little flavor to the drippings and raises the meat slightly from the pan. Discard them before using the drippings for gravy. (via Serious Eats)

Add them to the bottom of a bamboo steamer to impart flavor to lean fish and chicken. (via
Use to make a Leek Tart. (recipe on Epicurious)

I thought these were interesting ideas and would love to hear more if anyone has any.

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Oh Maryann, this leftover Queenie is all over these ideas!!!! I just threw some away last week!
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I'm using leeks today and normally would have tossed the leaves. Now I have two quart containers of leaves in the freezer.

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This is awesome! I can definitely use these ideas! Thanks, Maryann!
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