My first Sous Vide
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Here are a couple of images for our first Sous Vide. Steve did four steaks, finished them on a SS pan. He put the pan on the stove to get it out of the way, but the burner is not on. We are probably going to get a blow torch for future steaks. They were so juicy and tender. The one you see is a New York (though not as good quality as Costco's.) The weird white at the bottom of the steak is an artifact from combining the two images. Anyway just had to share.

[Image: 8505070e-a67c-4986-973d-dc120fb23797_zps07f6bdb7.jpg]
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Interesting. So far I've ignored the yen to get into this, but who knows...... Does look good, tho.
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I admit to having a fascination with this technique especially if the meat comes out tender and juicy. Looking forward to more posts from you, Alina.

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I wonder if the temperature would be easier to maintain using the crock pot (not on of course). Could you tell if it was cycling on and off a lot due to heat loss with the metal pot?

And where did you order it? I so want to play with this because there is so much on it in my Modernist Cuisine books
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I ordered the Sansaire from Kickstarter when the campaign started. It has gotten all super positive reviews. On the down side, they just did the first production run, so you have to get in line and order for the next batch.

The pot you see is an All Clad 8 QT. DO. It maintains temps nicely and no, it did not cycle on and off. We could have gone smaller for 4 steaks, but this one was handy. I will be using my big pasta pot or 23 Qt. canner for for bigger loads. We are on our way to find a cambro I can fit on one side of the JennAir (take the cooking cartridge out) for longer cooks. Keeps it out of the way.

We are also going to get a Mpap? blowtorch at the hardware store to sear.

I will keep posting. When the Cookaholics board opens up again for new members, you might want to join. They have a wonderful thread on sous vide, as well as all the other types of cooking.

Ask away if you have any more questions.
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Looking good! I've had success cooking lamb and steaks this way-in a beer cooler- and searing them off on the grill. It would be nice to have that unit and forget about the beer cooler!

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Your steak looks great! I'll be following your adventures with a lot of interest.
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Looks awesome! I can't wait to hear more!
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Got the perfect size Cambro today at Cash and Carry. DH is going to try to cut a hole for the Sansaire on the plastic top so we can cover it easily. We also got a cool Bernzomatic TS8000 blowtorch that will take both MapPro gas or propane. I can't wait to use it on Meringue.
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Very interesting. Like Jean, I too haven't quite gotten the urge to try Sous Vide. But it does pique my curiosity at times. Keep the info coming, it's nice to have a pioneer in our midst
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