I Met Kate McDermott Yesterday!!
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I have been so fortunate in the past 15+ years since I entered the professional cooking world to have met more talented and selfless chefs and cooks than I could ever have imagined I would.

One example of how my world opened is becoming ‘nodding acquaintances’ (as my mother would say) with cooks such as Seattle’s King of restaurateurs, Chef Tom Douglas (who is graciously allowing me to add a recipe of his in one of my cookbooks), Natalie Dupree, Nancy McDermott, old friends like Chefs Dave Nelson, Michael Alvarez, Michael Elsner, Florian Wehrli, and so many more that this old memory is not remembering at the moment!

And, the “Pie Lady” – a few years ago I learned of this pie maker, Kate McDermott, who happens to live in Port Angeles also, in as she calls it, her Pie Cottage. And since then I’ve been watching her career and reputation grow to become nationally celebrated as a teacher spreading her pie making knowledge to classes across the U.S.

This is Kate

What all of this rhetoric is leading to is this morning I received a msg. from Kate offering to bring a pie by for us this afternoon. The first thought that entered my mind was, ‘By God, I have arrived in the cooking community!” What a treat to have this lady bring one of her treasures to my house.

She hit the front door carrying a pie that was still warm from the oven and we were instant ‘old friends’ – in fact Roy mentioned later that he was sure we must have met before the way we just took off yakking and enjoying each other’s company. And, the pie – she had mentioned bringing rhubarb, so I had a couple wines chilling to test, but she surprised us with a cranberry! I had to scurry to the bible (“What to Drink with What You Eat”) to try to match this difficult to ‘go-with’ flavor.

I’ve never had or heard of cranberry pie, but we were up to the task. Warm cranberry pie matches perfectly with Sara Gagnon’s Harbinger Winery La Petit Fleur, which is a blend of 43% Chardonnay, 37% Pinot Gris and 20% Riesling. The pie was similar to a tart cherry flavor and so unexpectedly sweet & tart at the same time and of course the pie lady’s crust was very tender and flaky.

All in all, it was an afternoon that I will remember for a long time; Kate is such a warm, giving person and a teacher through and through – even joining the ranks of my friends Laura, Denise, Sharon, and Labs in attempting to drag me further into the world of computers, blogging and whatever else promotes our businesses. Whoever is still reading, please excuse all the gushing, but I still can’t quite believe I am part of this world of cooking that has been such huge part of my life from my grandmothers through my mom and on to me – so, I am still awe-struck when I meet the people I have read and heard about in our field. Thanks Kate for a great afternoon – and Roy has done quite a job on the pie!

Will I ever take one of Kate’s pie making sessions? That would be a resounding NO. I still feel the same about pastry as always, I am just much more enamored of anyone who can pull this skill off. Pie makers need folks to admire and devour their masterpieces and that’s the group in which I will stay!
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Oh my, you have definately arrived! I just find it rather amusing that you are just now realizing it!

What an incredibly nice lady to contact you so you could become acquainted, but also to bring a warm pie with her. I'm guessing you had a fabulous time.

My mother used to bake like that. She had an amazing talent for baking pies that didn't seem to rub off on me, but I sure like to eat them. That's comfort food at its best.

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What a great article. Would of loved to set in on your day!

Back in Iowa there is a lady who lives in the home grant woods painted the farmer and his wife
Anyway she also bakes pie and gives lessons and says more pie less lip! Lol.
I am not a pie maker but my sister got that gene !
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Oh Jean that is so cool! I can just imagine the gabbing going on over the kitchen island. That pie looks wonderful too!
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Jean, that's wonderful! What a wonderful visit you must have had!!
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Jean, what an awesome day! And my friend, you arrived long ago!
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That is s cool!
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Sounds like a fabulous day!


That would be a resounding NO.

In all of the hundreds of cooking classes I've taken over the years, not one has been pies/cakes/desserts of any kind.
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Kindred spirits, Lorraine!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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