Tuesday's Dinner, 1/7/14??
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Sorry, I'm late - just got some bars to be able to get on internet....

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We're having Beef Steak with Curried Onion & Plum Sauce over (I KNOW, I KNOW..... )tater tots!!

I've got to clean the freezer out so I can go to The Pork Shop before we leave A.J.
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Tater tots are so versatile! Well, I have what I hope is my final, final appointment with my surgeon's office at 3:30 (you never know if it will take 10 minutes or 60) so I planned on leftover lasagna roll ups.
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Best of luck, Trixxee. Hope your appointment goes well.

So, it's -7° today and we're both home. So far, we have cooked bacon, eggs and Belgian waffles. After a brunch like that, we probably won't be hungry for anything big, so it might just be grilled cheese and tomato soup with a Netflix movie.

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Good luck, Trixxee! I hope things go well.

We reached a low of 6° here in Atlanta....not nearly as cold as Maryann, but this is Atlanta! Once again, it's warmer in Anchorage than it is here. We have had the weirdest weather over the past year.

I'm off today because of the cold, so I'm making John's favorite soup. Sweet Onion Bisque. I'll serve it with a jicama-carrot slaw and, possibly, grilled cheese sandwiches.

I hope Maryann and everyone else who is being affected by this polar vortex stays warm!
  Re: Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 1/7/14?? by karyn (Good luck, Trixxee! ...)
Me too, Karyn!! I'll add my good luck to you, also, Trixxee!!

Well, I hate to admit it but the tater tots were really tasty with the steak and Curry sauce.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
  Re: Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 1/7/14?? by cjs (Me too, Karyn!! I'll...)
Thanks guys - should be an easy breezy appointment. Two stitches removed, a few questions regarding expectations (I may need to lower mine) and that's it. Don't even think I need an xray as they took one right before I left the hospital two weeks ago.
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Good to hear you are close to being back to normal, Trixxee!!!

Karyn, I'm with you on the weather in Atlanta! BRRRRR! If you can believe it, we braved the temps for a few photos outside! And poor Aleana braved a couple in the grass out front of the winery a ways barefooted in wet near frozen grass! It hasn't been a whole lot better here! We were so thankful to get back to working pipes, thanks to a dear neighbor! My school was on a two hour delay today and will be tomorrow since our kids are not prepared to wait at bus stops in weather in the teens! Lucky me, I begged off another day!

So I am finally sipping wine on MY bed with a pot of chili on the stove and everything unloaded and unpacked by me! Poor William was good enough to drive another hour and a half to go get Cricket and bring her back home!

There's no place like home!!!!
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Trixee I hope all went well today.

I feel so bad for all of you caught in the polar vortex! It's cold here - for CA Stay warm and stay safe.

We are, also Jean, cleaning out the freezer. More because of economics this month. I had a couple short ribs & veggies in there. There were some left over lamb shanks in there too so I thawed it all, added some extra beef and goodies - we are having "stewp", lots of veggies, beans, some pasta. I'll heat up the last two rye buns to go with.
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