Mini Smoked-Salmon Croque-Monsieur - Review
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Made these yesterday for a little treat with our New Year's champagne and I was really surprised at how well we liked them.


Altho, I used smoked trout that I had in the freezer which worked great.

I only picked up light rye bread, so didn't have the presentation with light and dark rye sandwiches. They can be made ahead and heated at serving, which is a bonus!!

[Image: Dec31preppingSmkdTroutCroqueMonsieur_zps9c36da25.jpg]

Mine didn't turn out as pretty with lots of green as I didn't have any chives or gr. onions, but I added dried parsley & basil for a little color.

[Image: Dec31CroqueMonsieur_zpsed571e0b.jpg]
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Aren't those pretty! They look and sound wonderful!
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