Back again.
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Overall, things went well in the States and now I'm back in Honduras.

Something different: before I left, they were building a new department store and a new supermarket and they were just about done with it. While I was away, they opened, so I just went there today, for the first time.

Although many of the things in this new supermarket are about the same as anywhere else around here and a few things actually cost more than at the other supermarkets, they do have a number of better prices AND they do have some things I haven't been able to get at other stores.

For one thing, they had arborio rice. Well, a couple of other stores HAD had it, but I hadn't seen it recently when I wanted it.

Also, they had Fontina cheese and it happened to be on sale for about $5.25/lb, so I definitely grabbed some of that, too. Didn't get (but only because of everything else I have planned), but have put onto my "to-get" list some chipotle Gouda that sounded delicious.

Applesauce is something that has been pretty expensive at other stores, when available, but it was quite reasonable at this new store, even though it's one of those generic or store brands ("Hy-Top"), so that went into my basket, as well.

One very noticeable difference is that they had a good, regional (made in Costa Rica) brand of UNsalted butter that, unlike in the other stores, was priced the same as regular butter (in the other stores, it's 40% higher, if they even have it at all). In fact, in this case, it was actually slightly lower than the price the other stores have been charging for the local brand of regular butter. This means I can finally afford to make some ghee and FINALLY try making the croissants that so vexed Jane and Bill three years ago.

Other items of note, there: Stouffer's frozen lasagne and Sabra hummus.
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Welcome back Labs! Way cool about the store and cannot wait to see what you make
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Welcome back, Rob. We have sure missed you. Always love hearing about your home in Honduras. It's such a different world than in the U.S.

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Worry about you with the political climate seeming to deteriorate. Be well.
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Welcome back, Labs! It's great you have new opportunities!
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Welcome back. You have been missed.

It's interesting hearing about your life down there. I'll bet Mimosa was happy to see you! Take good care.
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Again, I'm bringing up the rear - good to have you back Labs. The only problem, I probably can't remember all the questions I would have asked over the last month..........
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