Winter is here
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Winter has arrived!

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Denise, are you acclimated to the colder climate now? It can take a few seasons to get used to.

We didn't get as much snow as some other areas, but are due to get more. Just enough to look pretty here.

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We've had a freeze for the last two nights. It was actually colder here in sunny CA than it was in Boston. I will be going to warmer next week. We've had to buble wrap our lime tree and bring everything against the house and cover the herbs with plastic to save the remaining ones.
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Maryann I think so. Not quite sure I'm used to being out in weather that is below 25 yet, but getting there. I was amazed when I went down to S. Cal to visit my folks just how hot it felt to me.

The hardest thing is getting use to doing things differently because things are frozen Like...walking hahaha.
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Yeah, and that's the scary part, Denise. I've fallen a couple of times when walking my dog. Of course, driving can be a nightmare. It's a good idea to carry some emergency supplies with you and keep a full tank of gas.

"Drink your tea slowly and reverently..."
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Keeping winter supplies with us is someting we learned to do when we moved to the barn. And, where I learned I couldn't keep Nutella in the 'pack' for energy. We ate 2 or 3 jars before we decided not to get anymore!!!!
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