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We gave ourselves a house gift instead of individual ones this year and it arrived yesterday. Here's my new toy. [Image: Vitamix211-27-2013_zps0b5c7bb2.jpg] It is so pretty.
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What brand did you get? I'm thinking next year of getting a new blender. I don't need one that cooks (soups) just actually works to mix things up.
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It is a Vitamix Pro 750. Got it on sale at Williams-Sonoma. They have the extra containers on sale for $50.00 instead of the regular $130 to $150 so we got the 32 oz. wet as well.
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You know Alina, When YOU get a new toy, I have to check my stores.

But not this time, I have enough.

So how does that Vitamix work for you?

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Not on my wish list, but. I bet you'll have fun with it!
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Nice! I have to store mine in the garage because the lid is so tall I don't have a cupboard tall enough and I don't want it on the counter.
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It will live on the counter even though our cabinets are lower than most due to the lights under them. So the base and the tops will be side by side. Luckily I have plenty of counter space and the red is gorgeous.

Steve makes green smoothies every other day (makes a big batch which lasts him 2 days) so it will get used that way. He also grinds his coffee beans in it. It came with a huge cookbook as well as a video from the older Voltaggio brother and there are some recipes I want to try. One is for an uncooked lemon curd (the machine cooks it in the hot soup setting) and of course hummus using sesame seeds instead of tahini (which I've made in the old one). In the spring will try some of the sorbet recipes.

It has five pre-programmed settings: sorbet, soups, smoothies, puree and cleaning. I hated the super tall containers, but really like the new squater ones and especially the 32 oz.
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Very nice present indeed!! With all the blackberries I pick I want to make blackberry smoothies
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I so loved my old Vitamix. My oldest just did a coffee drink with cold coffee, pasture butter, and coconut oil - it was so freakin' good.

My old one got used almost daily. I ground flour and corn meal fresh as I needed it which was amazing. We're talking about replacing it - I'm not sure though.
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We LOVE our vitamin. Don't ever "cook" in it. But it is the best blender ever. Ours is probably 20 yrs old. Bought it used (well gifted) from my mom. We use it 3 to 5 times a week. Love IT. Makes the best whole fruit margaritas I have ever had!!!!
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