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The new season of Food Network Star begins tonight at 9PM.

I hope it will be at least as good as it was last year, but I do hope they treat the winner better than they did Justin Warner - from whom we have yet to see anything beyond the ONE episode they had him make.

Frankly, I hope FoodNetwork does SOMETHING to overcome their growing reputation of being a network of dead ends. After all, for example, despite all the hype, etc., NONE of the "winners" of Anne Burrell's Chef Wanted have actually taken the positions for which they were shown receiving chef's jackets at the ends of the episodes. If you go to the Chef Wanted web page and check for the updates (as Anne suggests at the end of each episode), you'll see that they mention how desperate the contestants are, but then how lame some of the reasons for their not taking the job were (and NO mention of whether the restaurant owners followed up with the episode's desperate runner up). In this one episode, they said, "Hes counting on the opportunity at Nikki Beach because he wants to get better medical attention for his ailing father" and then "Chef Jean didnt end up taking the job at Nikki Beach because he didnt want to leave his current chef position." Essentially, the shows are ultimately bogus competitions that really just serve as advertising for the restaurants.
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Labs, I agree.
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Agree as well and have stopped watching.
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I enjoy watching them come up with dishes, but don't pay much attention to the backstory in Chef Wanted.

In Food Network Star, I think the contestants are in for the publicity and many don't really want to move, etc. I remember Amy Finley, who did get a full season and then moved to France. I liked her dishes. Similar things happen on HGTV Star. Except for a few, they only get one season, but I bet their business gets a huge boost.

I enjoyed the first episode of FNS and already have a few favorites and a few that I think will bomb fast. So far I called it correctly this time.

Of all of them Top Chef is still my favorite, followed by Chopped (have about 12 episodes in the dvr missed a whole season) and The Next Iron Chef.
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My favourite is MasterChef Australia. In fact, now that MasterChef New Zealand just finished (GREAT finale), MasterChef Australia has just started.

Top Chef Canada has been moving along well and is getting close to the end.

P.S.: The new season of HGTV Star stars this coming Sunday.
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Thanks Labs, I would have missed it.
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Labs there was a "falling out" between Justin Warner and Alton Brown, so Alton opted not to produce his show.

Also of note, on Hells Kitchen only winner went on to work for Gordon was Michael Wray of season 1.

Food Network the only one who has done anything was Guy Fieri. Dan and Steve the couple that were caterers did I believe 6-8 shows and I loved them!!

After that the Food Network decided that they would from then on make the decision of who won, eliminating America's Voting. That started up again last season where America voted and chose Justin. While they totally agreed with America's vote, they are letting us vote again this season.

What I don't see is, the "Trinity" taking on teams, rather seems like they are just going all pitch in their advice. There was a LOT of animosity between the 3 groups which got some very bad reviews.

This trend also seems to follow Top Chef where the winners don't really go on to do much. A couple have but nothing note worthy.

Master Chef, again, same type of premise, however they are not given a job position but a book deal.

Whitney Miller of Season One did her book which did ok in sales.
Jennifer Behm of Season Two did not get a book deal. Not sure why. She got married and started her catering business called Pink Martini.
Christine Ha's book just came out in May.
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The Top Chef winners have done pretty well . The first one Harold has opened more than one successful restaurant. Stephanie opened a restaurant in Chicago, Dale has a couple, etc. But Top Chef gives them publicity, visibility and money to do whatever with them. The last winner said all along she did not want a restaurant, but rather the ability to visit Korea and see her roots. She is quite happy working for Barbara Lynch (don't blame her there, Barbara's a powerhouse and keeps on getting bigger).

The Food Network Stars do get their own show for one season, if it does well, it continues. Big Daddy's whatever ran for several seasons, Sandwich guy is still on the air (never watched so don't know if they are original or reruns, but still airing), the Indian gal ( I liked her but am horrible with names) was on, I watched several of her episodes. Melissa D'Arabian was on for several seasons, watched her several times as well. And some of the second and third place folks eventually got shows, Kelsey, Adam, etc. I think that after one season, they get enough publicity to do whatever they want without having to spend time in another city filming.

I am relieve the Hell's Kitchen winners are not working for Ramsey. In some cases, the winner is the best of all bad, not up to Ramsey quality. I did read one of the contestants that was well liked is now the exec chef at one of the big hotels in Reno.
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Thanks, Denise. Good info to know.

One you didn't mention (not my favourite, but still good) is Jeff Mauro, the "Sandwich King." His show is in it's fourth "season," already.
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Labs you are right! Thank you..cannot believe ididnot mention him because I do like him and his personality

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