Got truffles?
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My word! Have any of you seen the latest email from Plate Online? This week, they're featuring truffles (savoury and sweet).

Here are the names of two of the recipes that certainly have me drooling:

Crispy truffled lobster tempura with mango relish, frisée and orange-miso dipping sauce

Half roasted truffled chicken in brioche bread with fresh black truffle, petit wood ear mushrooms and jus

WOW! Wish I could make those. Were I in the States with money to spare, I'm sure I would.

Note that the above links to the actual recipes require membership on that site, but (as a few of us, here, already know) you don't actually have to be a subscriber to Plate magazine, and registration on the website is free.
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Haven't looked at yet, but I'm headed to my email - wow, sounds great!@!!
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Those are the types of recipes I love.....I can wish to find the ingredients and then tackle. New site for me
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WOW! Those look and sound amazing!
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WOW. Those sure sound good.

For some reason I haven't been getting my emails from them I went to change my address on my "complimentary" subscription . . . $35 a year. Nope.
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