Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake
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I made this cake and it is great. I'd like to make a yellow or vanilla one using the same method. Any ideas? Think I could just increase the flour and omit the cocoa and the coffee? I'm not sure if I can just eliminate the white vinegar. Also, the frosting is perfect and I would like to do the same thing with that, omit the cocoa and coffee. The chocolate cake is really good and this is one of the first cakes that my family is really eating up. I love not using a mixer and the layers came out equal. Please share your thoughts.
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Welcome to the forum, Jenn!

Not sure about the rest of the recipe, but "chocolate" baked products are often made by substituting cocoa powder in place of the same amount of flour. So, to answer THAT part of your question: yes - you can just reverse that idea by not using the cocoa powder, but replacing it with an equal amount of flour.

I'm not sure if the same applies to the coffee or if that just dissolves and would, therefore, affect the moisture content. Someone else will probably have an answer to that.

Since I don't have that particular recipe, I don't know if the vinegar is there strictly to react with baking soda for rising or if it's one of those cakes where they use vinegar in place of an egg - or both. If the recipe includes baking soda and doesn't have something else sufficiently acidic (baking powder, cream of tartar, etc.), the vinegar may be necessary. Of course, cakes don't TASTE like vinegar, so you know that leaving it in will not affect the flavour.

Again, without seeing the recipe, I don't know what kind of icing/frosting it has, but if it is too thin from the omission of the cocoa and coffee, it would probably just need a little more confectioner's sugar.

Someone here is bound to have that recipe to be able to say more.
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I bet one of our very talented, resident bakers will be on to advise you. I am not a skilled baker. But there are several on here. Welcome!
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Not that I'm a baker at all, but where is the recipe?
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Welcome to the forum, Jenn!! It would be helpful to see the recipe - I, too, am not a baker but maybe between all of us we'll be able to give some suggestions for you.
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