PhotoBucket is Scaring Me!!!
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got on yesterday for a minute and found an entirely new fa├žade and couldn't make heads or tails of it until I saw an option to view the old format for a short while longer. Clicked on it and everything is fine for right now.

But, evidently it's going to change - who uses Photobucket that I'll be able to browbeat to help me figure it out?? Stay tuned.
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I saw that too and I recently got their 3 year package...
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It has been called "creeping featurism" - the tendency of computer or software (or, in this case, web site) designers not to leave well enough alone, but to continue redesigning, adding new features and generally messing up everything for the people who have, otherwise, been loyal customers.

Another example of this is the email system at Yahoo. Personally, I can't stand Yahoo, but I know a number of people who use it and they always come crying to me when something doesn't work - especially after Yahoo redesigns or changes (or even just completely drops) features.
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Jean I've been fighting it for a couple weeks now. I even emailed them and told them I didn't appreciate having to sit through political commercials before I could use the site. They said to be patient they were still working on things.

There is a feedback button - go ahead and use it to tell them what you think. I'm not lovin' it so far.
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Oddly, I was hating the changes regarding the regular site online, but the app for my iPad is better than far. Go figure!
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