Pickle flavored candy canes???
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These are savory, so could they good in a holiday Bloody Mary? Hmmmmm...

[Image: 533862_123489851140192_1703255312_n.jpg]
The tradition of hiding a pickle in the boughs of a Christmas tree originated in old world Germany. The final decoration placed on a fir tree on Christmas Eve, the pickle found by one lucky family member signified the coming of good fortune for the treasure-finder and he or she was the lucky recipient of an ultra-special gift from Old Saint Nick. Keep with pickle-hanging tradition this year or test it out for the first time, but omit the mess by hiding one or more of these charming green-and-white striped Pickle Candy Canes in your Christmas tree for a little elf to find! As bright as the deeply-hued green needles on a freshly-cut fir and as flashy the brilliant lights that adorn each branch, these striped hard candies are showy confections that spread good cheer when displayed at the holidays. Flavored with an unexpectedly delicious taste of tangy dill, these zesty, savory treats will please those with palates that prefer salty over sweet.
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