What's for Sunday Dinner, 6/3??
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What's on the menu for everyone today??

Today is a Turkey Reuben on Pumpernickle and fruit. Later a green salad with garbanzo beans, 1/2-oz. ( ) Swiss strips and an oil & balsamic vin.
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Tonight is an encore dinner that I made last Sunday. Mexican style chicken & dumplings, also last Sunday I made carrot cupcakes, this week I'm making the Daiquiri Cupcakes with blackberry jam from issue #93 (May 2012).

ETA: I changed dessert to Chocolate Panna Cotta, I have leftover mascarpone from last night's dinner that I need to use up.
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Found eggplant at a good price so egg plant rollatini a favorite around here. I think we're serving it over polenta instead of fettuccine this time
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Baked pork chops, mustard greens, black eye peas, and white corn on the cob.
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We're having grilled chicken kebabs with homemade pita and green beans. It's a gorgeous day today so grilling will be perfect!
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No cooking for us today. We have two birthday parties to attend. The first one was from 12-3 and was a full meal bbq, and the second one is from 6-9 and is pizza, salad and birthday cake, not that we're going to be hungry for much after the feast we had this afternoon.

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Still haven't gotten the meat to try out those Guatemalan dishes (the supermarket was out of turkey and I've been too busy on other things to get to the butcher), so I'm just going to throw together something with chicken, achiote, garlic, guajillo chiles and ancho chiles and cook it into some rice in the style of arroz con pollo.
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This is an amazing dish, it's so delicious. Mexican Chicken & Dumplings.

[Image: Mexicanchickendumplings2.jpg]
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Beautiful, Blane!

Today was the end of the year party with my church choir. I made Korean Beef on skewers for easy eating. They were not nearly as good as usual since the beef I used was inferior. Oh well.

On the other hand, Erin's Pasta Cobb Salad was a huge hit. There was lots of fried chicken, corn on the cob, and hot dogs with chili. And there was an outrageous amount of fresh fruit! I gorged on the fruit! I'm eyeing my watermelon and pneapple in the fridge skeptically at the moment...LOL!

There was Corn Hole and Bocce for fun! Everyone had a blast!
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We had little sliders on Mini ciabatta rolls and a green & herb salad from our little container garden. Nice little dinner.
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