Stock up on Parm
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The earthquake over this weekend in Italy has caused over $300 million of cheese to be destroyed
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Holy smokes! That's a lot of cheese! What a shame. It will be interesting what will happen to the price.
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. Kids Comment at looking at the picture...Noooooo! That will be a cheese shortage for us, for sure! Guess I had better get out and get another hunk.

OT: On a side note I am really ticked off about the gasoline price situation here on the west coast. Just filled up today for $70 at $4.19 a gallon.
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Yes, it will be interesting to see what happens and what a shame! Erin - add on 20 more cents per gallon down here. Irritating.
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Wow 4.19 that is great!!! We're at 4.49 to 4.79 down here
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Wow, better make a trip to Costco fast.
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