Jean's B'day Dinner Review
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Two really good dinner choices in the same month!

I loved every element of this dinner! The guacamole, beans and chicken went so well together. I made it exactly as the recipe was written, except I used bone-in chicken thighs – don’t really care for boneless/skinless chix breasts. Oh, and I combined the beans dish ingredients and baked it rather than just heating in a pan.

Roy gave this an 8 and I gave it a 9.
[Image: MyBdayDinnerApr22.jpg]

The dessert is exactly what I was hoping for – light and flavorful. I loved adding the Greek yogurt to the whipped cream, gave it such a tangy flavor to go with the sweet grilled pineapple. And, the caramel sauce…delicious!! Since we have our dinner at noon, we had the dessert about 3 p.m. then had another one for a late dinner, it was that good. We both gave this one a 10 – and not done often!

My elements ready to go
[Image: GrilledPappleParfaitsApr22.jpg]

and, dessert
[Image: GrilledPineappleParfaits.jpg]

That was fun - I wish we did this more often!
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We loved this! Another quick and easy meal, ready in no time, and the combination of flavors was such a pleasant surprise.

I did have to sub sunflower nuts for the pine nuts, which seem to be unavailable at the moment. We are going to try to find them for the next time, but can't imagine this dish being any better than it was.

We used boneless, skinless, chicken tenders, which work well because they cook up in no time at all. I assisted the Grill Master with the breading and made a note to use "smooth" salsa next time, as the chunky style doesn't stick well.

Ron commented several times how delicious this was and was still talking about it after dinner. We both gave it a 10.

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I haven't had a chance to make this but it looks and sounds great!
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I didn't get to it either, but I hope to make it this Saturday. Looks great!
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This was an excellent choice for a B'day dinner. It's a recipe that I've wanted to try, but I couldn't find pinion nuts anywhere. When Jean chose this as her dinner, I pulled the recipe out and discovered that they are plain old pine nuts.
My Wife & I gave this a solid 10. I used breast meat, when I make this again, I'll pound the meat to about 1/2 inch thick. I had made the parfaits before, another 10 rating. A really delicious meal. Thank you Jean!!

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Oh my, Mercy! That is a GREAT picture!
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I'm going to have a lot of stuff to catch up on next winter. I think we've made the parfaits - and loved them.

I really loved these dinners - when I didn't pull the 2 to close shifts.
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