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I am so beside myself, I thought this would be a good place to get feedback. May 20th is UVA Graduation. We were bidding on two events, one from 3-5pm (40 ppl), the other from 6-8pm (12 ppl). The 1st guy had a great budget, then he started backing out all his expenses. It leaves him with $16.00 per person. He wants salad, main course and dessert, all plated, with real china and linens. The second person (for only 12) wants real china, linens, Chicken Cordon Blue as the main (and has to be house made). They both want the admin fee waived, and the tax included. I'm at a loss for words. I'm ready to send them a Burger King menu.
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I should be stunned - sadly I'm not. I just learned that 2 ladies asked if they could split a slider . . . .
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Maybe they'll split a shot of vodka, too.
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Oh Lorraine, that's the only part of the business I do not miss. It's enough to make you pull your hair out, that's for sure!! Sometimes the wisest course is to pass on by..................
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So, those prices also include soft drinks, tax and the service? If you were to back out what I would charge for gratuity and tax, you are left with $12 pp? You have to prepare the meal, take it someplace (or is it at the winery?), and set it up? And do you have to rent the china and linen? Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that, while I hate to turn away any sort of income, and think that one thing may lead to something more down the road, with this sort of expectation, you are looking at the same type of discussion we had with Laura. If they get it once, you know you have set a precedent and they will expect it the next time.

I agree with Jean, it would be "I am sorry, I can't meet that price." They couldn't go out to eat in a restaurant for $16.00 a head, much less have a private party that is solely catering to them. How frustrating for you guys!
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Yeah, what iB said, you couldn't eat in a decent restaurant for that price. I don't get that, after having spent 4 years of tuition money, folks can't spend a little more for a proper celebration.

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Don't be afraid to say no. "I'm sorry but with all the work that I must do and the choice of ingredients it's just not going to work out. I do hope that I can help satisfy your culinary needs at another event"

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By the time I posted, he had already told them "Thanks , but no thanks". And we have told another bride whose budget is $7.00 ( I kid you not). at first all she wanted was pasta dishes, because pasta is cheap. If you do meat lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, and maybe some seafood pasty, not so cheap. Since we know her well, as she works at the winery and knows our food, could we also throw in those great ciabatta rolls, and that special organic lettuce for a salad that you had at Easter. You know what we told her. Yet, there are some decent folks out there. Met with a couple again today, we are doing their Wedding Rehearsal (45, buffet), and their wedding (155 plated). Told them the price, and they signed the contract. God bless them.
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Oh my. Lots I can say but you know already, everyone figures you'd be so happy for the business you'd take the loss. Glad he didn't cave. At least for us, plateds are a huge waste of labor, hurry up and wait. $7? Punch and Otis Spunkmeyers for all....

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In addition to cost of materials and accounting for your preparation, remember a few other things that are easily forgotten:
  • Gas and/or electricity for the stove, oven, any food-preparation appliances, also dishwasher (including the soap) and garbage disposal for cleaning up.
  • Electricity for having the lights on in the kitchen during times they would, otherwise, be off.
  • Gasoline for the vehicles used to go to the store and purchase the raw ingredients, as well as to transport the finished food to the venue.
  • Cost of any non-reusable containers or utensils used for transporting or setting up the food.
It can really add up!
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