Maryann's B-day Dinner Review--Asian Pork Satays
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From "Cuisine Tonight" page 51

"Asian Pork Satays" is our new favorite dish. I had concerns about the amount of chili garlic sauce, but as it turned out, I didn't have that extra jar in the pantry that was suppose to be there. What I did have was exactly 1/4 cup, which is what I wanted to start with anyway. That amount kind of got lost in the Hoisin and was so mild that I had to add 2 T. of Sriracha to give it enough heat for our tastes.

So, in my opinion, the amount of chili garlic sauce called for is probably just right. The sauce was more than needed, so I froze the rest for another time. Absolutely delicious.

It was very easy to cut the pork exactly as directed. I was going to let the meat marinade for a while, but forgot to, so prepared it according to the recipe. Ron took over from there while I prepared the rice. He said the timing called for was just right, but knowing Ron, he probably turned the skewers more than once because he likes to baste a lot.

The "Sticky Rice" is an interesting dish. I've never added vinegar to a rice dish, so had doubts about this, but it gives perfect balance to the sweet satay sauce. The amount of ingredients used is just right for four servings, and we happily had the leftovers for lunch the next day. We thought the "Cucumber Relish" was delicious with this dish. There is nothing about this menu that I would change. We both gave it a 10.

I did not prepare my mom's lemon chiffon pie the same day as my dad's 85th birthday is this coming weekend and I will be making four of them. So, I can assure everyone that it is an easy and delicious dessert.

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Well we enjoy this dish very much. Prepared as directed the heat was just about right though another time I might bump it up a bit. The rice was good and was very similar to a sort of sushi type rice. We enjoyed the cucumber relish as well.
I was saving the desert for when Casey and the babies come to visit
however sadly that appears as though that is not going to happen as they all have Hand & Foot disease that's going around in Ohio. Maryann is it going around by you too?
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We loved this dinner!!
[Image: AsianPorkSataysMaryannsbdaydinner.jpg]

[Image: MaryansBdayDinnerApr24.jpg]

Dingy forgot all about the cucumber relish side dish, so had a fruit bowl instead. Still haven't made the cucumber relish but I'd sure like to.

Since I've made lots of sushi rice, we knew we'd love this one and we did. I, like Maryann had Satay sauce leftover, so froze some also.

Good choice Maryann!!!
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Sadly, I only got one picture of the pork right off the grill. My camera batteries were worn down from vacation, so I did not get a picture of the final plating which was quite beautiful.

[Image: AsianPorkSatay.jpg]

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All looks great! I'm definitely going to have to make this.

As far as the hand, foot and mouth thing goes - this was the sickest my son has ever been in his entire life. It was a nightmare to put it mildly. We were at the doctor four different times because he just wasn't getting any better and they also wanted to rule out all sorts of other things. I think he lost 10 pounds in two weeks. He was only 83 pounds to begin with. I had tears in my eyes when they took several vials of blood from him - he had never experienced that before and he was terrified. All he could get down were smoothies and milkshakes because of the enormous blisters in his throat. Milk products are really good for this.

I hope the kiddos don't get it anywhere near as bad, Cis.
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Oh my Lord, Trixxee, that poor little guy - We went thru something similar when my youngest boy was 13 and diagnosed with Juvenile Onseet Diabetes. He was so sick and I felt so darn helpless!!! I sure hope he feels better and I didn't even realize hoof & mouth disease was still around.
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Not to derail this beautiful recipe....sorry you had to go through that Jean! As mothers we don't even like to see our kids suffering from cold, nevermind something serious.

This was about 4 years ago (and still very fresh in my mind). He was trying to hard not to cry in front of the lab people but the second we got outside he said "I'm just a child"! My heart was breaking. We didn't tell him in advance about the bloodwork because I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get him in the car. His pulse and blood pressure must have been through the roof.
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This is the second time that I've made this dish. Delicious both times, my wife and I gave it a 9. The first time I made this, I cut the chili garlic sauce in half and was pleased with the heat level. For the B'day review dinner, I made it per the recipe. Surprisingly, the full amount of chili sauce didn't overpower the hoisin, sure it was hotter, but it didn't ruin the dish. This is a keeper. The rice tasted like what sticky rice should, tasty! I didn't make the relish (I hate cucumbers) or pie.

Great choice Maryann and a belated Happy Birthday.

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Nice photo, Blane. Thanks for the b-day wishes, but my birthday isn't really until the end of May. Some of us were just in the mood to get the b-day dinner's going again.

Cis, sorry to hear your family had to cancel out on you. Hopefully, they will be able to plan a trip again very soon. I know you are missing those babies!

As for the hand, foot, and mouth disease, yes, it is going around here. Heather had 3 cases of it come into the hospital clinic just today. The third one was so serious they needed admitting. She said that there isn't a whole lot you can do to prevent it. It's viral and very contagious, so naturally it spreads like crazy among the little ones. Trixxee, it sounds like Michael got one of the more severe cases of it. I'm sure that was a nightmare.

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I made only the main and, for me, this dish missed the mark.

...because it went WAY BEYOND IT!

Wow, was this delicious! I'd easily give it an 11 and shall definitely be making it again (and again and again and again). Sorry, but my camera needs new batteries, so I couldn't take a photo.

Here are my notes regarding a few specific points in the recipe:
  1. Although I do like very hot/spicy foods, I went with the 1/4 cup, rather than 1/2 cup of the chili-garlic sauce and I thought that was perfect. I don't know how widely different brands of the sauce may vary the heat, but the one I get here is pretty potent and I recalled an earlier recipe (not sure which) where even I felt the amount was too much so, again, the 1/4 cup was perfect for this.
  2. On the other hand, we all know how strong sesame oil can be but even though two tablespoons sounded like a lot, it was just right.
  3. Rather than using tenderloin, I went with the less-expensive (and tastier) pork-leg ("fresh ham") meat that is more common here. Quite frankly, for this kind of recipe, tenderloin is NOT necessary and I think it would be a waste to use it for this. Save the tenderloin for dishes that NEED tenderloin.
  4. Since I'm not a big fan of peas but I LOVE broccoli, I peeled some broccoli stems, diced them to the size of peas and substituted those for the peas. Because the stems can be a little tough, I added them to the pot just a few minutes after the rice so they would be able to cook longer. Although I have substituted broccoli for peas many times, this was the first time I did this with the stems. It turned out so well that I'll be using this technique from now on, whenever a recipe calls for peas.
  5. The 1/4 cup of rice vinegar in the rice seems quite acidic, at first, but when the rice is combined with the meat (especially because of the sauce), it's absolutely perfect.
  6. The amount of sauce ("marinade") made is more than the amount of meat requires so, in the future, I will set aside some of the sauce (so that it won't make contact with the raw meeat) and put that on top of the rice when serving.

P.S.: I don't like cucumbers, so I didn't make that recipe and I didn't feel like making a whole pie just for me right now so, for dessert, I just had more of the pork!
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