Newbie needs Rangoon advice!
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Hi Cooks! I am hoping that here is the perfect place to get some good solid advice regarding shrimp rangoons. I want to make them for a party I am hosting this Friday. Here is what I am wondering...

Can I make (fry) them on Wednesday and reheat them on Friday? Do I really need to fry them? What about baking them in small muffin tins and making "cups" instead of the pockets. Furthermore, can I bake them earlier in the day and rewarm prior prior to setting them on the buffet? I appreciate any and all advice you can provide! Thanks in advance! Kerrmi
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Here's a thread where we discussed making them ahead of time.

I think I've also baked them, looking for what I did. You can also fry them in about 1/2-inch oil at 370° - 375°F. oil, but not any hotter or they may leak.

Also, if you have time to practice, and you find they leak or break, you can also use double the wonton skins for each - you won't make them feel too thick but it will give a nice crispiness.

Good Luck.

And, welcome to the forum!!
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Jean's one of several more qualified than I to advise you on this, but I wanted to welcome you to the forum! I hope you will join us in some of our discussions about our love for food!
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I've never made them. Just wanted to say welcome Kerrmi! Hope you have a great party. What else are you planning?

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