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We have been given a heads up by two of our suppliers that beef prices are on the rise, and not expected to come down anytime soon. We sure are seeing it here already. 80% ground chuck is "on sale" here this week for $3.99 lb. Whole tenderloins that we used to get for $9.00 lb are now $12.00. If you see a good sale, you may want to stock up.
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I just did at Costco last week - how darn smart of me!!!
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The drought in Texas reduced beef supply dramatically!! We had at least 3 inches of rain today, so there is hope. I believe ranching is in the blood here--it will come back!!
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Regardless of how pricey it is, I'm looking forward to some local beef when we visit the big island of Hawaii in April. I've yet to have it and we'll be mostly cooking in on this trip due to finances. Glad we'll have access to bbq's.

Parker Ranch is gigantic, where the beef comes from.

I may have to cut out some beef here at home until then.
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Good to know! Thanks, Lorraine.
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Bill, according to our source, that is exactly the reason. I've been sourcing local beef providers, but many will only sell sides/halves etc. Not what I'm looking for.
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Really hurts when a lot of my tournament meals are steak, and my prices are already out there. I am sure Sharon knows the feeling! Not to mention that they are talking gas prices of $5 a gallon, we are already higher than the national average.

And, oh my gosh, are they price hunting these days!!
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I guess we're lucky Tonya stocked up on beef before she left. We've got some steaks, tri tip, and burgers.

Beef is crazy - although Safeway is having lots of BOGO sales and big packages. If I had the space I'd get a bunch. The roasts work out great - the price makes it a good deal to grind your own.

I'm looking forward to being able to get the local grass fed beef here this summer.
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