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I'm thinking about getting a new computer and found out that I won't be able to use my Mastercook program on Windows 7. So, I went shopping for a new recipe manager program and downloaded a 30 day trial of Living Cookbook. I think that Alina is the only one of us who currently uses this program. Does anyone else use Living Cookbook, and if so, maybe you can offer some comments.

So far, I'm liking what I see quite a bit, and I think that I might be able to import some of my cookbooks from MC, although maybe not all of them.

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Maryann, maybe an older version of Mastercook wouldn't work on Windows 7, but their website says that the current version (11) DOES work with Windows 7.
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Hmmm...guess I missed that somehow. Thanks, Rob. Not positive, but I thought that MC 11 didn't get very good ratings. I think that might be why I went looking for a different program. I'm kind of liking LC so far.

I was reading something the other day that said you can't put LC on more than one computer though, and that would be a deal breaker for me since we always have two. I'm really hoping that Alina will come on and comment.

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Well MC did not work on my Windows XP or Vista computer. I looked at Living Cookbook but when I decided on a Mac I changed to Yummy Soup. While MC was me it's very antiquated now.
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I use Living Cookbook and have to say I like it much better than Mastercook. There are several reasons, but the biggest one is with how easy it is to get recipes from the web into the database. You simply copy and paste the entire recipe and highlight the certain areas such as ingredients, steps, notes, etc... I can get an online recipe in so quickly. I think it is a really good program, and I've used Mastercook a lot prior to Living Cookbook.
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I love Living Cookbook. Yes, you can import all your recipes into LC from MC. It is how you export them from MC that makes a difference. MC uses categories, LC uses recipe types for the same thing. You can scan, type in, import and copy recipes off the web. There is also a group of members that post recipes already formatted as LC recipes that you can import. I was able to get a whole bunch of Ina Garten's recipes that way for example, in less than 5 minutes.

Also when you export recipes from LC, it exports pictures and all in one go. You can also email and do text only.

The program also has 60 day return policy (so you have full accessibility) and return for full price, no questions asked.

Finally, check out their support forum (the best support of any software I own). here . If you do get the program, check the Help files I posted here for detailed explanations on how to use the program. They have great training videos etc, but as I helped folks, I wrote more detailed explanations and added them to my techniques folder for my kids to have.

The easiest way to import from the web btw, is to use [b]RecipeFox[b].
Most major sites are supported, you click the green button on the recipe page and the recipe gets imported properly formatted, pictures and all into LC.
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l really need to get into the 20th century and get me one of these.
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Thank you, Bob. I thought we had another forum member who used LC and was happy with it. And thank you, Alina, for your post as well! I bookmarked both sites so I can give them a thorough read. Every day I'm liking this program more and more.

Alina, do you happen to know if I purchased this program now for my current computer, would I be able to put it on a new one?

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I use LC as well and really like it, but I'm going to have to check out Cubangirls links, 'cuz I'm sure I don't use it to its full potential!
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Oh crap, do Lorraine and I both have to be drug into this century?????????????????
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