Dinner Party
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Oh my but what a fun, fun night! For appetizers I did - Black Olive Tapenade, Jalapeno Poppers, Deviled Eggs and the Goat Cheese tart.
[Image: P1014548.jpg]

The guests arrive
[Image: P1014540.jpg]
Left to Right - Joakim, Laura's back, Kyle and Collette.

[Image: P1014544.jpg]
Left to Right -
Laura, Collette, her mom Leann and hubby Joe (these guys are HYSTERICAL!)

[Image: P1014543.jpg]
Quick pose in my new apron

How in the world I forgot food shots I have no idea! But I did a Pork Butt with Peach Sauce, Whole Chicken, Scallop Potatoes, Onion Gratin and a vinegar based Slaw.

[Image: P1014551.jpg]
Dinner time

[Image: P1014546.jpg]
Obviously I can't stop myself from explaining something

[Image: P1014555.jpg]
Laura loves telling stories on me...yes on me not about me not about me

Was very tired after this party but so worth it!!
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The food looks incredible. You look gorgeous! It looks like a great bunch and a lot of fun.
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Wow, great job, Denise, and what a delicious sounding menu! It's easy to see you were in your element as you are positively glowing. Glad it all turned out so well. So, how did you like Joakim? Nice looking young man.

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Lovely!! All the food looks great and the guests are all smiles.... that's the best part! So how did Joakim do?
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Oh, Denise! It all looks wonderful! But you've yet to dish on the BF! And I can't wait to hear what he and Laura dazzled you and Derek with for dinner tonight!
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If I get in your area can we be friends??? Beautiful and so much fun.
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I have more pictures from tonight, but need my card reader at work tomorrow.

His name is Joakim, he's 24. He has an older brother and a younger one. He is just delightful!!! I really hate the fact that I can't be mad if Laura decides to follow him to Sweden. But darnit the boys are suppose to go be nearer the girl's parents?? He's incredibly smart and a very good cook. It is so interesting to see the two of them together. I hope he can tame her a bit as I know she brings him out of his shell. They are typical "opposites attract" type couple.

I will be posting the pineapple pie recipe that was just yummy. They made a version of swedish meat balls but were limit by the ingredients. Traditionally where he's from they are done with lamb, but there is no lamb to be found around here.

He is so fascinated with our Thanksgiving Holiday. He keeps asking for what the recipe for dinner is. I told him what we normally do and he asked what cookbook did I use. I said..um none..it's just what I do. He asked "well everyone does that yes?" I said oh heavens no..each family has their own traditional feast. He was shocked by this, he thought it was a holiday with a pretty set meal for everyone. I so wish I had more time because I would do a complete Thanksgiving meal for him.

He will fly back to France at the end of Jan where he'll finish out his 4th year. Then it's home to Sweden for his last 2 years of study. They go to college for 6 years unlike our 4. The first 4 years are the basics and extracurriculars, the last 2 years are for 100% field of study which also includes a work program so that when they do graduate they are ready for the work force immediately and are often sought after 6 months before they graduate.

Their prison systems are far superior to ours as well. Their taxes on the other hand SUCK!

But he's met my entire family, Derek's dad and we all give him 2 thumbs up. Now to get him to move to the states after his last 2 years. That way it'll be ok if Laura goes there for the 2 years first
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What a great time you must have had!! Wonderful pictures.
(Oh, I used to have a polka dot top just like Laura's!!)

Pineapple pie? anxious to see the recipe for that - make apricot/pineapple, but not straight p.apple.
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Looks like a ball! And I love the apron!
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Thanks for the scoop, Denise. He sounds awesome. But Sweden? Really? I'm not sure I could do it.
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