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Ok so this is WAY off topic but had to brad. Today Derek ran a 26.2 mile marathon. Not an official one, just a goal of his. I am so proud and impressed by this man!
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Big congrats to Derek!!!

Oh my, I often struggle to get 4 miles in, and if I manage 5 I go to bed early that night... a marathon would probably land me in the ER!

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WOW! What a MAJOR accomplishment! Congrats to Derek!
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WOW! He's "DA MAN". Astounding.
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That is so Great! My sister is a Speed Walker and started later in her

racing - She has done 25 M by the time she was 50 - I am in awe of any one

who can do this. I am only a Cheerleader - but a good one. -

Congrats. to Derek.

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Wow, what an accomplishment!! Congratulations to you, Derek - are you a runner, also, Denise?
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