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I made the Lite-Alfredo sauce last night for dinner from the new issue. I did add chicken and broccoli to the pasta. We really liked the sauce. Who could have thought that greek yogurt, milk and ricotta can make such a great sauce. By the way, I loved the last issue.
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New issue??!! I will have to look for mine today!
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Oh boy, gonna be a while before I see this - unless I see it in a store and grab it.
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Thanks, I was wondering when a new issue was coming. Will be watching for it.

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Duh. I got mine about a week ago - wonder where I put it.
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I got mine the other day. I'll have to browse again. I think I got mine as we were on our way to shop for New Years Eve & Day so I wasn't captured by anything. Have to check it out.
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I noticed recipes from the new issue in the on line index over the weekend, but don't have my copy yet!
[Image: cover-135x179.jpg]

There is also a new Light Cuisine Cookbook available that I probably need!
[Image: cover-163x215.jpg]
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I got mine!
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Just got mine today - well it sat in the mailbox overnight..

Anyone try anything from it yet?
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I'm looking forward to trying some of the lightened sauces. The Jamaican Pork, Tea Smoked Ribs, Mushroom Wellingtons, and Grape Picker's Skillet all look like a must try. I may pick the Wellington and the Tiramisu Triffles with coffee-caramel ganache and pine nuts for my birthday dinner. Oh, I left out the Pizza Nachos and Caesar Nachos. Oh, and add to the birthday dinner the Oysters Rockefeller with Tabasco beurre blanc!
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