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Ok so our old pc decided to cause me to start drinking in the afternoon with all of it's problems. So I bit the bullet and went and bought a Mac. Now I have a HUGE learning curve. No more right click, can't figure a lot of stuff. Of all times for Laura to be gone abroad.

I figured out how to save a favorite website but can't figure out how to make folders so I can organize them.

Anyone use a Mac that has a good site I could use for reference?
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I used one years ago, but haven't a clue about the new generation. If the new ones are like the old, they are VERY user friendly. Cubangirl uses one...hopefully, she'll come on to help you out.

I'm guessing the duck tutorial is on hold...LOL!
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darn, and I was really waiting for the duck tutorial
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Lol...well as I entered that post I lost the screen. I just now got it back and I have no clue how I did it. At least I finally got all the pictures loaded up.

This is so weird! No alt key, internet uses Safari so no tabs. Still trying to figure out what I have opened and and how to close it or switch applications. I have not figured out cut and paste yet. And I need that to post the images lol
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I feel your pain, Denise. My dad has a mac so when I visit my parents I use his, but I am limited as to what I can do (and what the heck is up with no "right click"?!).

My laptop is 7 years old, the desktop pc is 8 or 9. A change must come soon but I'm not looking forward to the process of choosing a new pc...

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Not very familiar with the Mac, but THIS looks like a good reference (see the PDF files on the page).
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Congrats on your new toy. I really want an ipad and am sure my next laptop will be a mac. Alas my computers are fairly new, so it will be a while.

I've not used a Mac in years either, but played with an ipad recently and have an iphone. First of all Macs are intuitive, more so than pcs. I have Safari on my pc and you may want to go to the little gear at the far right and check what is there. You can also set your preferences from the file menu.

If you go to Google and type new to mac, you'll get links to videos for new mac users. As all with Apple, visually pleasing and easy to use. There is one called PC to Mac the basics which looks very helpful. You can right click on macs using the control button. We've always used Logitech mice and they make very nice mice and keyboards for mac (all my kids have macs, they needed to install parallels or virtual windows so they can run Living Cookbook and Quicken on them). The Logitech mice have 2 or more buttons so you don't need to use the control to get the context menus.
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Thank you Labs and Cubangirl!
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You all just made my eyes cross - good luck, Denise.
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Geeze - We've got to replace my motherboard & CPU, it's not in the the budget YET. We were sure it was my old video board since it kept popping errors - alas the low voltage issue here in the RV park killed the expensive parts. Because of the age of the computer it's going to be hard to find things to work with my old stuff. D@MN
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