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I prefer to use weights when baking especially. I just found this chart that has a lot of other useful volume to weight conversions.
I thought some of you might find it useful.
King Arthur flours
Item Measure Ounces
- Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 1 cup 4 ¼
- Bread flour 1 cup 4 ¼
- Cake flour 1 cup 4
- Unbleached Cake Flour blend 1 cup 4¼
- Gluten-Free multi-purpose 1 cup 5 3/8
- Perfect Pastry Blend 1 cup 4
- Rice Flour, Brown 1 cup 5 3/8
- Rice Flour, White 1 cup 5
- Round Table Pastry flour (white) 1 cup 3 ¾
- Tapioca Flour/starch 1 cup 4
- Whole wheat (traditional) 1 cup 4
- Whole wheat (white) 1 cup 4
- Whole wheat pastry 1 cup 3 3/8
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Keep in mind a cup of sifted or fluffed flour will weigh less than a cup of unsifted, so if you have recipes you use often and you're used to sifting, you might want to weigh what your measurement normally is or you'll be adding more than normal.

There are differing charts floating around out there. For instance, I always use 5 oz. = 1 cup unsifted all-purpose flour. But, that's what I learned, so that's what I go with.
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The chart is for KAF products and their recipes. So if you use their recipes as I do, it is nice to know what they use as weight since not only how you measure makes a difference, measuring cups can be off as well (mine over measure). So for any KAF flour from their site or their baking books, I use the weight measure. Their recipes (as do most of ATK, FC, F&W, BA, Ina, Giada) always specify measure first then sift, so weighing is fine since you measure the weight and then sift that. I seldom sift anymore, just whisk to aerate right in the jar, and then I tare my scale and put it in. I've been doing more of that and it saves a lot of time and cleaning.

BTW, if you make any ATK recipes you are going to be off by .75oz. per cup using 5 oz,, not a big deal if it is one cup, but....I've never seen [Email]C@H[/Email] publish their cup weight, but since they use the aerate, spoon and sweep method, I would think their cup is closer to 4.5 oz per cup for AP flour.

Slightly unrelated but might be useful to someone, I ran out of AP flour while baking several recipes. I subbed half the AP in one of the recipes with the KAF white whole wheat flour. I used the measure in the package which was 1/4 cup=30 g. and added it to the AP, then whisk them together before adding. The cookies turned out so great, I have now put that as the recipe measures instead of all AP, making it a bit healthier.
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I certainly did not mean to diregard any recipe ingredients calling for a 'weight' measurement. IF, the weight is offered in the ingredient list, be sure to honor that.

I was talking about old standby recipes that you want to all of a sudden use weight measurements instead of qantity. That's all.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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