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I was looking to order oranges and clementines for the holidays. Does anyone have a suggestion for an orchard I could order from? I used Hales Groves several years ago and was disappointed with the quality of their product. Thanks
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Hey Mike,

Maybe Google "Indian River Fruit"? They're in Florida and when we were down there in that area, their fruit looked awesome. And this was February.

Well, duh, here's the link:

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Indian River is the one my son's school always ordered for fund raisers at Christmas. (I missed it this year.) I was never disappointed. Their pink grapefruit and tangelos were wonderful.
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I don't have any suggestions for clementines but I do have one for summertime. I ordered some cherries from Cherry Moon Farms for my dad for Father's Day and he said they were by far the best cherries he has ever had.

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