What's for Sunday Dinner, 12/12?
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What's on everyone's menu for tonight? (sorry I missed yesterday, we crawled out of bed and got on the road...)

I roasted a butternut squash a couple days ago and that's what we've been eating on when we're not with someone. Will finish it up tonight. We're staying 2 days in Bakersfield - need to do some wash, so we're having grilled burgers and the 3 bean salad from CarbLovers. Got to get back to regular eating.
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I hope it's warm out west! Grilled burgers and bean salad sounds really good and summery.

We're freezing here, so I'm making comfort food: s&p crusted pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes, and green beans.
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We're having a big dinner party tonight. Oldest daughter is in from Colorado and Oldest son is coming down from Chicago. All six of us haven't gathered around the table for a couple of years! Our good friends are coming over as well as my niece and her little family. Need to get in the shower and finish preparations! It's going to be a fabulous day even though the weather outside is cold and snowy!
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Have a wonderful dinner tonight, Jeannette! Nothing better than getting the whole family together. Be sure to come back and tell us all about it.

Need to use up the venison stew I made on Friday, so that and some homemade bread to go with. The weather here is miserable. The temp went up so instead of snow, it's raining all over the snow that's on the ground. We're going to end up with ice everywhere when the temp drops back down tonight.

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It's cool, dreary, wet here also, so I have a pot of vegetable bean soup on the go. Yesterday i made stuffed poblanos with ground turkey, pintos, queso, so will have them also. Have a great dinner party!
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Cool and drizzly here also. Temps are supposed to start dropping from this point on. The high of 60 today will change to a high of upper 30's tomorrow! CRAZY!

We're having the Parmesan Chicken Roulades tonight. We haven't had them in a while. I'm looking forward to it!

Jeannette, that sounds really exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm sure it will be something spectacular.
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84 here today, if not warmer. We should be bbq'ing but I really need to cook my mahogany hoisin beef stew before the meat goes south.
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Tequila Lime Chicken wings and rice tonight. Nothing too difficult. Lots and lots of snow here. Hubby has been removing snow all morning. Poor guy.
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84??? Oh, I wish it was that here! We're in Bakersfield and it is great outside, so I'm going to be quick on here not to miss it.

Jeannette - hope you have a ball with all your little chicklings around you. How fun!

A pkg. of meatballs with 'gravy' fell out when I opened the freezer door, so that decided me. We have some burger buns for tomorrow, so we'll have meatball 'subs' tonight.

Have a great evening everyone!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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We had a special weekend with all of our kids home - daughter from Colorado and son in from Chicago - that doesn't happen very often! We've been in our current home for 6 years and this is the first time all 4 kids were there together!

We started a Sunday dinner tradition this past year with our good friends and their kids, including their exchange student from Brazil. It began as a pre dance class activity and has morphed into me and young daughter cooking together the foods from various regions of Italy - now, it's really just a reason to entertain and have a good time. This Sunday, we had 12 for dinner - our 4 kids, and young daughter's boyfriend, our friends, their son and exchange student, plus the exchange student's brother. My niece from a nearby town couldn't make it because the weather was too bad on Sunday.

We had been talking about Julia/Julie movie and decided to make Boeuf Bourguignon. Along with that we had cream of spinach soup as an appetizer, with the bouef, I made the recommended accompaniments, braised onions and mushrooms, buttered peas, roasted fingerling potatoes, and bread. For dessert, my niece was planning to bring pecan pie cheesecake, but they didn't make it. Since young daughter doesn't like nuts, she made key lime bars, so that was our dessert.

We had a lot of fun, and I'll post some photos later.

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