Hi Honey, I'm Home!!!
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Hi everyone, we're home! Like Daphne mentioned previously, what a week! Ron and I made the most of it, (we always do!)
but I have to say we were ready to be back home this time.

We are normally reluctant to leave the Carolinas, but after witnessing firsthand the worst storm we have ever lived through (all night long!!!) I can't say that we were sorry to go. It was unbelievable! We were on the third floor of an oceanfront highrise and the drainage holes on our balcony couldn't keep up with the water! It was actually coming through the sliding glass doors and saturating the carpeting in our bedroom. It looked like a war zone in the morning with roofing shingles, trees and debris all over the place.

It's amazing though, when we were packing the truck this morning, the sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Just gorgeous, I can see why Daphne loves it there.

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Hi Maryann! WELCOME HOME!!!!!

I couldn't sleep and checked in to find you already home! You guys drove straight through, I guess. Anyway, I'm glad you made the trip safely. Did you have to take any detours? I'm guessing not...the summer drought saved the day this time!

Anyway, I've found some Vietnamese Fried Rice recipes for us to try. It's funny I was searching that when I checked in...and here you are...LOL!
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Glad you made it home safely, Maryann!
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Welcome home, Maryann! That storm must have been unnerving. Glad you made it home safely.

Vietnamese Rice Cakes????? yum.
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Hi Maryann! Wow you had quite an experience, glad you're both home safe
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Thanks everyone. Aside from the rain, we actually had a nice and relaxing week at the beach. But, the absolute best part was meeting up with Lorraine and Gil for the first time, and then Daphne and William for the third time!

More on this later, when I get my brain back. 12 hours on the road caught up with me.

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Good to see you're home safe and sound.

Those ferocious storms are so frightening. I'm so glad y'all are safe!
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Glad you're home safe and sound and hopefully a bit dryer I can't imagine that much rain.
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Welcome home, Maryann! So glad that you had a nice trip (minus the storm, of course).

And I'm always looking for another Viet. fried rice recipe... love the stuff.

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Vicci, Maryann and I are trying to replicate a fried rice dish from a restaurant we visited the last time she and Ron were here. It's the BEST! We'll let you all know when we find it! Although, William thinks my Fried Recipe is pretty close. Uh, Maryann, have I shared that with you? William would be the first to say, it's not exactly the same, but pretty darn good.
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