Deep, dark secret (cont'd)
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Okay. We are scheduled (and confirmed) for Saturday for my mom and her First Husband to meet (not my bio dad, but thought was my bio for many years). He still has a some things he wants to clear up (for whatever reason: and we have pondered many reasons and potential secrets). I will keep any who are interested posted on the progress.

This is the menu:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Almost like Thanksgiving Turkey Soup
Pumpkin Pie
Ruby Sippers Gotta lube up the contenstants...

My mother and I are still perplexed by his motives and possible confessions, but you are all the first to know.
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Wow. Very mysterious!

I am sure that those Ruby Sippers will help all involved bear the news as well as possible. BTW, you can prepare the cranberry concentrate a few days ahead (I usually make a big pitcher-ful!).

Good Luck.

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and may your mother click those ruby sippers and be enthralled with her ex. (there aren't any "currents" in the way, are there?)
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Oh Laura how intriguing! The menu sounds wonderful - and those Ruby Sippers ought to ease things along.

Now what could he have on his mind???? Please keep us posted!
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Drum roll, please!
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I agree that the Ruby Sippers are a great addition to an otherwise great/neutral menu.

Now back to the drum roll...(nice touch Jeanette!)
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I am so intrigued I think you should lead with the Ruby Slippers, Soup, Ruby Slippers, Pie and maybe another Ruby Slipper
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Menu looks good, Laura. Hope he finally comes thru with the "secrets" of his soul
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Oh My! Can't wait to find out what the secret is...
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