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After I get off the computer this morning, I will be spending a couple of hours packing then we head to the lake house again. This weekend, my brother,SIL, and their 3 kids are coming from Friday-to-Sunday. Fortunately, they are all rather adventurous eaters!

It will be fun. Brother and his wife came down when we were constructing the house, then they had 3 kids and, woosh!, there went the years. The 11yo twin grils will be a pleasure to have around, and the 15yo boy is a great kid, so it will be a fun weekend.

I ma grilling chicken and using a blueberry bbq sauce recipe from a recent issue of CAH. Other fun stuff on the menu is a sweet potato salad with chili-lime dressing, a couple of blueberry-nectarine galettes, triple-berry French toast, lemon-garlic chicken kebabs served with a lemony orzo salad, and a cake I've been dying to try from F&W,double chocolate with a ganache icing.

I'll let you all know what the "standouts" were! Oh,and please keep your fingers crossed for minimal rain...

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Have a wonderful visit with your family! The kids are at wonderful ages and what a bonus that you don't have any fussy eaters to deal with. Bring a game to play together in case it does rain. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy them!

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Considering how delicious the Spicy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes are, I'd love to see the recipe for the sweet potato salad with chili-lime dressing.
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Vicci you are going to have a busy weekend - but it sounds like so much fun . . . . oh and the food. Yum. Have a great time!
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Have a great time, Vicci. The food and family sound great! I'll be anxious to hear the report on the food and the fun. Great idea on the game in case it rains!
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Good food, "good" relatives = GOOD TIMES!! Have a great, safe time, Vicci.
And, yes - do report back on the goodies you fix.
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