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The one of the 2004 issues of Cuisine at Home there was a recipe for meatloaf that was cooked on a rack over a baking sheet in a disposable loaf pan with holes cut in the corners. It yielded 2 large loaves that was great by itself, but the added topping made it really something to rave about at my house.

Sadly, the recipe was lost when we moved. I would really like to prepare this for dinner and surprise my husband who has been craving it.
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Welcome! These are the recipes I found in the online index. Do you know which one it might have been?

I know we all liked the slim and trim - skinny meatloaf.

Slim & trim meatloaf
Cuisine at home No. 67 (February 2008), pages 22-23

Craving comfort but don't want to blow your New Year's resolution? That's okay. This menu won't lead you astray.

Meatloaf perfected
Cuisine at home No. 49 (February 2005), pages 6-8

This meatloaf is kid-tested and family-approved — you can't get a tougher audience than that! The Chunky BBQ Topping is awesome!

Tomato gravy
Cuisine at home No. 49 (February 2005), page 9

Great meatloaf doesn't need gravy, but no one will refuse this offer. They can't, it's that good.

Classy comfort: veal meatloaf
Cuisine at home No. 49 (February 2005), pages 10-11

Go on, I dare you to serve this meatloaf at your next dinner party. Just wait for the accolades!
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I just checked and it's the Meatloaf perfected recipe, Erin. There's actually a picture of them cutting the holes out of the pan. It just so happens MUSICMAKER AKA Linda asked about this recipe back in August '07 while the recipes were still available for those with Membership Plus. And as usual, Billy came to the rescue: The Ultimate Meatloaf

Enjoy! And come back and visit. We love getting new members!
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Mystery solved. Thanks to all of you who helped search for this recipe...Now to get started chopping and mixing.
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Thanks to all. It smells great, but I'm exhausted. Meatloaf is supposed to be easy and quick. This is neither one. Next time I'll try a different recipe.
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Thanks for stopping back for an update. I hope we get to hear out it turns out! Come on back if you get a chance!
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there are many, many meatloafs out here in cooking world.

Is the plural of meatloaf - 'meatloaves' ????
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